Consultancy and Services

As an interdisciplinary team consisting of members from mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and quantity surveying departments, our team of researchers possesses diverse expertise, enabling us to address industrial and research challenges effectively. We prioritize the integration of industry and academic collaboration as a fundamental aspect of our research. We continuously seek new partnerships and collaborative projects, valuing the involvement of both sectors. 

Apart from our research expertise in ISMA-AI-based monitoring system, risk-based TAM model, and data mining-based Blockchain technology, we are also actively involved with industrial projects at semiconductor and petrochemical processing plants locally. Past projects range from vibration troubleshooting services to structural dynamic modification (SDM) services.

Our Expertise

We provide key services and recommend solutions to solve structural dynamic issues.

Operational Measurement

Measuring on-site vibrations at operating conditions using state-of-the-art instrumentation and our in-house vibration data analysis software

Static Measurement

Conduct modal testing to analyse the structural dynamic behaviour to compare with the operational measurements

Computational mechanics

Investigate the structural behaviour at different conditions using correlated finite element model through computational simulation

Design Modification and Analysis

Perform design modification through computational mechanics software and analyse the modified design through computational simulation

Past Projects

Structural Dynamic Modification (SDM)

Structural Dynamic Modification focuses on making changes or modifications to a structure based on the analysis of its dynamic behavior…

Experimental Techniques

Experimental techniques, i.e., Modal Analysis (MA) and Operational Deflection Shapes (ODS) are initial diagnostic techniques employed to assess the dynamic behavior and troubleshoot potential issues….

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis plays a vital role in understanding the dynamic behavior of systems and ensuring their safe and efficient operation. It involves various techniques and methods to analyze…

Rotordynamics Analysis

Rotordynamics analysis is a specialized field of engineering that focuses on the study and analysis of rotating machinery systems…

Computational Mechanics

Computational mechanics is an interdisciplinary field that combines principles from mechanics, mathematics, and computer science to analyze and solve complex engineering problems…

Our own in-house data acquisition program

We develop and use our own in-house data acquisition program that has been validated with established commercial programs for vibration trouble-shooting and modal testing services. Contact us to know more.