What We Can Do!


Damage Identification and Risk Assessment of Civil, Mechanical, and Aerospace Engineering Assets such as:
• Bridge monitoring
• Pipeline monitoring
• Railroad monitoring
• Asset Integrity Assessment of (Ageing) Platforms

Recommended Services (Available Modules)

Based on the client’s inquiry, available modules can be implemented
(1) individually,
(2) a combination of several modules or
(3) all modules together.


Module 1: Technology adoption using TAM

Data Mining

Module 2: Sensor Data Assessment using Data mining, AI, and Blockchain


Module 4: Structural Health Assessment using complete Risk factors model


Module 3: Damage Assessment using ISMA and AI

The Opportunity

We seek an appropriate partner company to commercialize, develop, and put into effect an SHM plan and business continuity plan. Public and private sectors including but not limited to oil and gas, construction, railways, ports, dams, buildings, infrastructure, mining sites, and transportation assets will benefit from our services which are including but are not limited to ISMA-AI-based monitoring system, risk-based TAM model, and data mining-based Blockchain technology.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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